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Thursday November 21 , 2019
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Avenati Motors - The Early Years

Avenati Motors: avventura e passione in fuoristrada.


Avenati Motors di una volta
Avenati Motors once upon a time

Avenati motors: adventure and passion off-road. All starts from a great passion of the Avenati family for the off-road and travel: a passion that has led Avenati be a byword for off-road since 1969. In that year, Angelo Avenati (already owner of an important garage in Piedmont) decides to gamble with the future. Following, as always, his instinct and his passion for adventure, buys 60 Land rover off-road from the NATO. This purchase is a big success and it sets a milestone in the history of off-road importation to Italy.

At the beginning of the '70, a new adventure starts almost as a joke. During these years, the Avenati family makes the first modifications to vehicles and travels to Africa for the first times. Passion for Africa leads the family to close the business in 1975 and move to Africa for a few years. In 1978, back in Italy, the great passion for motors (always together with dynamic business management) leads the family to open a specialized centre for preparation and sale of off-road vehicles in their own garage. At the beginning of the '80's, Avenati achieves another goal: being the first to import the first off-road vehicles from the United States, followed by the importation of the first Japanese 4x4.

The passion for travelling in Africa keeps growing together with the business and in 1980 Avenati takes part in the TransAfrica race where it succeeds in winning the first prize with a vehicle prepared in the Moncalieri garage. Avenati has taken part to many races, such as Dakar and pharaons, since the mid-eighties. During these races, Avenati starts to think about organizing its own race, similar to the great international rally-marathons. After the initial stage of preparation and the first trial tours, the first edition of  afrikannonball is eventually organised in 1987. It is an amazing race that starts in Turin and ends in Cape Town. The race is held for four years, every time with 13,000 kilometres of adventure!

In the following years, a new star starts to shine: it's Alessandro Avenati (Angelo's son) who takes part to the main African races and to a number of adventure travels using his own off-road vehicles. In 1991 Alessandro Avenati becomes the company manager and keeps his passion for African races becoming not only one of the main experts in the African continent and but also a main point of reference for off-road in Italy and abroad. Thanks to his deep knowledge of the African territory and to the professional skills developed in his numerous races and trips to many countries,
Alessandro Avenati has got experience to prepare any 4x4 for any type of trip or adventure: from the traditional trip among the sand dunes in the Sahara desert to the exploration of the most unknown and hidden parts of Africa.

Avenati Motors has acquired so much experience that seeing the company logo gives customers confidence in Avenati'products and its reliability and professionalism. Alessandro is now ready for more success, always in the name of Avenati Motors. The adventure continues... The latest adventure is the 4x4 rental service... Avenati motors offers this new and unique service in Italy. Finally, you will be able to fulfill your needs, from work to relax and adventure travel: Today the easiest way to keep your passion for off-road.

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